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Company profile

J & J was founded in 1985 and specializes in the production of stained glass and products that are characterized by the exclusivity and originality of their features.

With the passing of years and the growth in production volume, J & J has become an affirmed leader in the production of Murano glass.

The achievement of these objectives has been accompanied with the important goal of the partnership with Laura Biagiotti: this prestigious project has led J & J to become the manufacturer and exclusive distributor of gifts from this famous brand, objects of refined, elegant and unique design.

Alongside these, are the production lines designed by famous designers and proposed by J & J, which represent the top of the range, mirrors, bathroom furniture and fixtures of great luxury, a concentration of Italian manufacturing elegance.

With a perspective of increased growth, J & J now has a sales network of 2,200 stores in Italy and 200 abroad.

Today, the J & J brand is synonymous with quality, elegance, tradition:  one of the representatives and at the same time a symbol, of that set of characteristics and concepts that come under the MADE IN ITALY name.


J. & J. is a great Italian company fully dedicated to the manufacture of curved and melted glass. All phases and production processes are strictly followed by professional craftsmen to make each item unique and perfect.

J. & J. Brand of Italian quality.