Company profile

J&J has been manufacturing curved and cast glass since 1985. Expertise and an entrepreneurial vision have led today to the definition of four product lines: wall coverings for interiors, washbasin, mirrors, vanity units and consoles.

Each product is born from the meeting of industrial technique and artisan experience. Glass bending and melting furnaces, innovative waterjet cutting systems and grinding systems work with our eyes, hands and hearts.


The relationships between man and machine are ruled by strict procedure control and final quality checks. Our well-established manufacturing processes evolve through continuous experimentation, in line with the requirements of such an exclusive processing as is the coupling of melted and recycled glass. Everything is guided by the creativity of designers who push materials to their limits and beyond, in every project. A production which is entirely inspired by the Italian method and quality.
J&J uses recycled glass splinters of various sizes to characterise its collections. Slabs and splinters are joined together by melting at very high temperatures, which destroys any impurities.


A sustainable process that transforms waste material into pure crystal. A virtuous approach through which glass can live a new life.


J. & J. is a great Italian company fully dedicated to the manufacture of curved and melted glass. All phases and production processes are strictly followed by professional craftsmen to make each item unique and perfect.

J. & J. Brand of Italian quality.